Tactical Observation

This course is an in depth lesson on tactical observation. A must for military Recce units, law enforcement, snipers, and private investigators, students can expect to leave this course with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to see but not be seen. Eligibility for this course is primarily military & police, other prospective students will be evaluated on a case by case situation including a criminal record check. Topics covered include:

  • Camouflage & Concealment

  • Stalking/Movement Under Observation

  • Constructing Hides/OP's

  • Observation Post Routine

  • Planning Surveillance Tasks

  • Surveillance Reporting

  • Observation Techniques

  • Use of Observation Equipment

  • Digital Scoping and Photography

  • Intro to Patrolling

  • Intro to Navigation

  • Intro to E&E

7 Days (Or two weekends)
$750.00 USD per student

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