Civilian Search and Rescue Courses


-Cost $750

-5 days over two weekends or  continuous
-Minimum 5 students
-ntro to tracking

-Dynamics of the footprint

-Pace tracking

-Tracking team formations

-Scene processing

-Track line reporting

-Search methods & observation techniques

-Forensic Photography

-Conduct review 

-Participate in all roles of a  tracking team

-Conduct short passive track

-Conduct two long active tracks

Survival fundamentals
- Cost  $950
- 7 days over two weekends or continues 
min 5 students max 12
- Theory of survival
- Mindset and strategies
- Pre trip preparation
- Fire lighting
- Purification of water
- Shelter building
- Basic navigation
- Basic injury care
- Basic knife & axe use
- Signalling methods